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Welcome to Pacific Grove Family Medicine


Dear New and Existing Patients,

Whether you are an existing patient or considering becoming part of our practice, we would like you to know about our vision and our promises to you in a rapidly changing health care landscape. We are all aware of the changes occurring in the healthcare “marketplace”, as it is often called. scottcampbellphoto-028

We at Pacific Grove Family Medicine acknowledge this, and offer a promise to do all we can to prevent these changes from interfering with our relationship with you, our valued patient.

When seeking healthcare at PG Family Medicine, know that we strive to create a special connection with you. Prevention, maintenance, and healing occur within this special relationship.Lo cute baby We will develop this relationship together with the understanding that your health encompasses your beliefs, habits, diet, activities, stressors, finances, relationships, genetics, and luck!

Our goal is to nurture this relationship so that over time, a clearer picture of how we fit into your healthcare needs will emerge. Through this collaboratively, we will define and attain optimal health.

The following are our promises to you:

We will provide you the best possible care available, and if we need assistance, we will find the most competent, capable specialty and complementary care available.

We will make use of new communication and other technologies where they provide convenience without sacrificing the quality of care.

We will be conscious of expense while providing the necessary medical attention you require, serving as your purchasing agent and advocate within the health care delivery system.

So let’s get well, and stay well together!

Eliot S. Light, M.D.
Siang Lo, D.O.